Tuesday, May 21, 2013

37 Weeks

I know. . I missed 36 weeks. I feel like last week was a bit crazy for no real reason. Maybe I just couldn't get motivated to sit down and write a post. At any rate, here is 37 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights: 

How far along: 37 weeks

Size of Baby: Baby Mackenzie is about the size of a watermelon and should be weighing in at around 6.5lbs.

Total Weight Gain: Around 23lbs. 

Maternity Clothes: As if there was another option at this point! I even feel like some of those shirts are becoming a little too short. .

Movement: I feel like she moves more now than not. Which is great except for when I want to sleep!

Sleep: My joints are hurting everywhere! This makes getting comfortable very hard. Plus just rolling out of bed in the middle of the night is getting difficult. I think I might have to resort to sleeping sitting up soon. Not excited about that but sleep is sleep at this point!

What I Miss: What don't I miss?! Mostly just little things like being able to sleep through the night. 

Cravings: Stupid donuts! Only gave in once in the last 2 weeks though so I am not worried that it's an addiction or anything.

Symptoms: Joint pain. . Heartburn . . Lower back pain. . 

Labor Signs: Contractions although they are not in any sort of rhythm yet. 

Best Moment this Week: We are on weekly appointments now. At my last appointment everything looked good. Mackenzie is measuring in the 50th% for her growth which is good. Due to 2 high blood pressure readings my doctors don't think they are going to allow me to go to my due date. We will find out more tomorrow at my next appointment! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

35 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights: 
I realized after the fact that I wore the exact same thing last week! I swear, I have only wore this outfit twice. 

How far along: 35 weeks

Size of Baby: Baby Mackenzie is about the size of a large cantaloupe and was 5.5lbs Thursday at our ultrasound! 

Total Weight Gain: 20lbs 

Maternity Clothes: I am so ready for normal clothes again! Maternity pants just don't do it for me.

Movement: Rolls, kicks, punches, hiccups. .I get them all now. And at our ultrasound we were able to see that she is head down which made me super happy!

Sleep: Justin was on leave all last week which means he was home every night. I slept pretty good having him here. Still get up 2-3 times a night but I am used that.

What I Miss: Having control over my own body! 

Cravings: Ehh. .Nothing that I can recall.

Symptoms: The usual. 

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks are still coming and going. 

Best Moment this Week: We had another growth scan this week. She was measuring right on track which made Justin and I super happy parents to be. We tried again to get a 3D image of her sweet face. No luck. Not that we should be surprised. . She has been a pain at all of our ultrasound appointments from Day 1! We are on weekly appointments with my OB starting next week. The end is getting so close!!