Monday, September 26, 2011

Winter comes early in Alaska. .

Like anyone would have thought otherwise but I really didn't expect it to be here this fast! Snow arrived on the mountains last week and it looks like it is slowly making it's way down. The weather has been wonderful lately though! A little on the cool side but a lot of sun which is nice. I finally broke down and turned on our heat this morning. September and I am turning on the heat. It is still a shock to me! We are slowly starting to get ready for winter. Justin will be getting an engine block heater this weekend and it's time to take the outside hoses inside so they don't freeze. As crazy as it sounds I am looking forward to snow and everything that goes with it. Snowboarding will be the first thing on my Alaskan Winter To-Do List! Let's just pray for no broken bones this winter!

I have also come to a very strange point in my life. I am super happy, don't get me wrong. But for the first time in years I seem to have all this free time on my hands but somehow seem to stay so busy. I am loving my new job and it fits in with my school schedule perfectly! That being said, I only work about 8 days a month. Lucky, right? The problem is that I need a fixed schedule and can't seem to get into the groove yet. I feel like things also pop up or I just don't feel like doing it! How do you stay at home mom's stay so dang organized?! Maybe if I had kids it would be easier. But not yet. No children for at least a few more months and I am very happy with that decision. Finishing school is #1 on my list right now. And sitting down to blog is #2. Seriously. I am doing it this time. I feel like things are happening and everyone is missing out!