Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Orders? Yes please!

So I haven't posted lately because to be honest there has been no news. .until today. Justin finally went in and picked up our official orders. The only problem? We now have 2 weeks to schedule and have our household goods picked up. Hopefully this all falls into place and it is a smooth transition. We tried to schedule the pickup for our things and of course it is on a website that doesn't seem to want to be working tonight. Of course.  On a few random notes:

1. The weather has been GORGEOUS in Charleston this week. In the 70's and sunny. I am sure going to miss this weather for sure. However, in mid July when everyone here is dying in the heat and humidity, I will be enjoying a comfortable 70 degrees. That will be nice.

2. Justin has gotten me hooked on Sons of Anarchy. I watched the first 2 seasons in the past 2 weeks and started season 3 last night. It is amazing. If you like the rebel biker club with lots of eye candy kind of show!

3. We had our first going away party this past weekend. Of course I couldn't make it through the night without a few tears but then again I am leaving my second family. The people I live with and surround myself with here in Charleston are nothing short of incredible. They have always been there for me and I am lucky to have them in my life. I hope I am lucky enough to find people like them on my life's journey.

4. My dear husband is on this "bun in the oven" kick. No. . no. I am not pregnant however he seems to think the time might be right. As much as we both want kids, I think we need to make it across the country with the dogs before we consider adding to our family. And as I try to remind him, if we have children in Alaska then we run the possibility of having my mom moving there and living with us. As much as we love her, I lived with her when Justin was in Korea and let's face it. Neither of us would ever want to do that again! Stay posted for more on this subject.

Stay tuned for more moving details!

<3 Jenn

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