Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 1 of this crazy adventure!

Whoa! What a day. First thing is I think our car is so full we couldn't buy any thing along this trip if we wanted to. We ended up leaving some stuff at my mom's house in order to have room for the dogs. The trip overall has been pretty good. Here are some details:

Starting the trip: We left Florence this morning at 8:43am. It was 45 degrees and sunny which was nice.

Major cities we went through: Columbia, SC. . Ashville, NC. . Knoxville, TN

The dogs were: Really good! We stopped about every 2 hours or so and walked. Probably more than we should have but they don't have much room with all our stuff. They are currently passed out at the bottom of our hotel bed.

Ending the day: Stopped for the night in Nashville, TN at 4:19pm (central time. . Trust me. My body was totally feeling like 5:30!) It was 48 degrees and raining.

Total miles traveled today: About 514

Time spent behind the wheel: I started the trip and drove until we were almost in Tennessee. I made it over mountains and interstate changes. Nothing to major. Justin drove the rest of the way and luckily he was the one that hit the rain and not me!

Highlights of the day: Looking through the atlas we realized there are only 3 states with a lower population than Alaska. . North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming. We also realized that Justin doesn't like sharing mountain roads with 18 wheelers! And finally we tried White Castle burgers which by the way are amazing!

I would love to type more but of course the hotel we are staying at has wi fi but it's not working so all this was typed from my phone. Sleep is in my near future. I feel tomorrow is going to be a long one! We love you all.
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