Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today I watched a re run of Oprah which I am now wishing I didn't watch. She had a challenge for her staff to all go vegan for a week. Didn't seem too bad and I thought it would be full of interesting information. I have slowly been cutting meat out of my diet for some time now. First pork and then beef. Now pretty much chicken, turkey and fish are all the meat you will find in our freezer. Not that I have anything against people who eat meat but it is a personal choice. Trust me. Justin loves a good steak or burger. After watching this show and seeing what happens in slaughter houses, I think I am slowly going to try and at least become a vegetarian. Driving to Alaska we passed plenty of slaughter houses and I always got a little emotional about them. I don't want to be someone who forces my beliefs on everyone else. Like I said, this is a personal choice and I know for a fact I will have to continue to cook meat for Justin. Which is fine. I just feel like I need to finally do this instead of thinking about it for another 3 years. New home, new job, new lifestyle, right? That being said, I think I am going to check out a book they had on the Oprah show. It's by Kathy Freston and called Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World. We will see how this goes. Since I just went to the grocery store yesterday, this is going to have to wait a few weeks. Plus I would like to read the book first. I will let you know how it goes!

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