Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Justin and I decided to have a seafood dinner today. It was amazing. Crab legs, crab cakes and shrimp. All of my favorites. Not to much new here which is why I haven't posted lately. I did start work this week which was good. I was going crazy sitting in the house all the time. The job is good. Seems easy enough which is nice. It will be nice once I start back to school. Which happens next month. I can't believe it. I feel like there is finally an end in sight for school. I am soo ready to be done. I will have a hard schedule for the next year or so but it will all be worth it in the end.

Justin and I went downtown yesterday just to walk around and check out some local stores. I wish the weather was nicer because I would have taken pictures but it was cloudy and gloomy so pictures will have to wait. We did eat at Humpy's for lunch. It is a cute little dive where you seat yourself. The food was beyond amazing. I had a blackened salmon burger and Justin had a blackened halibut burger. We split them so we could each try both. Probably the best thing I have ever had in my life! I am so looking forward to doing things like fishing and camping this summer. . Crazy, right? Who would have thought I would look forward to camping! It is getting warmer everyday and with that comes more sunlight every day. Right now it doesn't get completely dark until around 10:15 or so. This will be an interesting summer and I can't wait! As much as I love it here I do miss everyone back home. It is nice to talk to everyone and Skype sometimes. Pictures are coming. . I promise! =)

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