Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 11

The last day of our long but very interesting journey.
Day 11 – March 18, 2011
Starting the day: Nancy made us amazing Belgian waffles for breakfast which was a nice start to our day. We left Tok, AK around 7:56am. It was sunny. But a freezing -22 degrees. Yes. That is negative. The coldest we have seen it yet. And from our phones it actually got down to -30 degrees overnight. When Justin opened the door to the cabin steam came rolling in from the huge temp. difference.
The dogs: Were cold. Like everyone else. They didn’t seem to want to go outside because it was so cold. When they finally did they were like high stepping horse trying to keep their paws off of the ice/snow. I think we will need to invest in booties for next winter!
Ending the day: We finally made it to Anchorage, AK around 2:30pm.  It was around 30 degrees which felt super warm to us! The sun was out and it was gorgeous.
Justin drove. .Which I am sure you already figured. Which is kind of funny because a little known fact about my sweet husband is he hates heights. Really hates them. The whole ride this day was on steep mountains and hills which overlooked some of the most gorgeous scenery. Poor Justin didn’t get to see much of it. He has tunnel vision when it comes to heights. Luckily the roads were great or it could have been a very long day. I do appreciate that he drove most of the way in the bad weather. He wanted to make sure that “his 3 girls made it safe and sound to Anchorage.”
Total miles: Who cares! We made it to Anchorage! Haha I was so happy to get here I really didn’t even think to write it down. I think it was somewhere around 300 or so. We will go with that.
Highlights of the day: Umm. .hello?! We made it! And it was a gorgeous ride.  Anchorage seems amazing and I can not wait to start our lives here. Thank you to everyone who called and answered our calls. It was a long trip but we finally got here. I will keep this blog going to update everyone on all the fun stuff we do!

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