Friday, March 11, 2011

Days 3 & 4!

We finally had a shorter day today and so I am able to catch up on the past couple days!

Day 3 - March 10, 2011

Starting the day: We left Oklahoma City at 7:23am. It was pretty cold. 36 degrees but sunny. I got up earlier so we weren't rushing to leave and get packed up. Justin was pretty happy about this.

Major Cities we went through: Amarillo, TX . .Albuquerque, NM. .

The dogs were: Good again! Not much new to report on them. They sleep. That's about it.

Ending the day: We got to Flagstaff, AZ around 7:34pm. It was dark but a cool 50 degrees.

Total miles: 859.6 . .let's not talk anymore about that.

Time spent behind the wheel: I drove through the rest of Oklahoma, all of Texas and most of New Mexico. Justin took over and drove for a few hours but I ended up driving the last hour or so of the trip.

Highlights of the day: The day was long. 13 hours in the car was brutal. But we did learn that shopping carts were invented in Oklahoma. And that Justin loves Oklahoma so much that he wants to move there. We will see I guess.  Justin has named our GPS Cherry. She is kind of a pain and yells at me a lot. Plus Justin realized the has a bit of a stammer which is why he thinks that they get along so well. New Mexico might be my new favorite state. It was amazing and the landscape was always changing. When I asked Justin to sum up New Mexico in one word his answer was "sweet". Guess that's what we will go with then. Here are a few pictures from this day.



New Mexico


Ok. Now on to day 4. Today was a pretty good day. We went to bed pretty early last night so we seemed to get caught up on sleep. It helps when the scenery is nice and gives us something to look at and talk about. Today in a recap.

Starting the day: We left Flagstaff, AZ at 7:36am and it was a sunny 26 degrees. Elevation? 7, 550 ft.

Major Cities: Las Vegas, NV . .Salt Lake City, UT

The dogs were: Crazy today! I think they might have been in the car too long yesterday because it didn't seem like they could get comfortable. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Ending the day: We arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah around 6:35pm. It was a chilly 45 degrees but sunny.

Total miles for the day: I am going to guess around 650 or so. I forgot to look and it is way to cold for me to go out there now!

Time spent behind the wheel: I drove a lot today. I just prefer to drive. I hate sitting in the passenger seat. I made it through the rest of Arizona, all of Nevada, Arizona again for about 30 miles and about 40 miles into Utah. Justin drove most the way through Utah.

Highlights of the day: It was a very sad start to our day waking up and seeing the reports of the massive earthquake in Japan. We listened to some of the news reports on the drive today. Just such a horrible event. On a brighter note, Nevada was super hot today. But it was nice. I will never complain about being hot ever again. All this cold weather and my soon to be new home of Alaska has made me appreciate the warmth. As a tribute to our dear friends The Fleishman's, we stopped and ate at Del Taco. It was pretty good. Not going to lie! Utah should be called the windy state. Whew! My hair looked crazy after out little pit stop. Also, Utah has a ton of cops. They are everywhere!

Overall it has been a pretty nice trip. We have seen pretty amazing things and I am excited to see more!

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