Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Since we arrived. .

Last few days in a nutshell
Wow! The last few days have been crazy to say the least. Friday when we got here we were told we could have a base house available on March 21. We went to look at the house and came back 10 min later and they were giving our house to someone else! Seriously. So the next available house was on April 8. Not much we could do. Of course they didn’t have rooms available for us and the dogs at the hotel on base. Which meant we either had to kennel the dogs (out of pocket) and stay on base ourselves or get an off base hotel that accepted dogs (out of pocket of course). After all the dogs had been through I really didn’t want to kennel them. So we decided to stay at the only hotel with rooms and see what our options were the next day. Saturday we found a hotel that seemed decent enough with a weekly rate of 425. Crazy, right? A week in Charleston is around 175. We check in. They assume we only have one dog and charge us for only one. Not like we are going to correct them. It’s $10 per day per dog on top of the weekly rate. The room was. .decent. I didn’t take my shoes off and always slept fully clothed. We got groceries and were going to try to make the best of it. Other than sneaking the dogs around and not having internet, it wasn’t terrible.
Monday morning I went to housing and pretty much made them feel bad for me. I hated to do it but we would have put out almost $2000 on a hotel by the end of the stay. Soo, long story short. We moved into our new house on March 22. .the very next day. I was so happy I pretty much cried in that poor lady’s office.  Although we don’t have any of our things yet, we have a house that I feel safe in and is nice so that’s all that matters to me! The dogs are happy and love having their own space.
The house is 3 stories. The bottom is a huge basement which is the laundry room also. It’s about 300 square feet. It came with a washer and dryer so lucky for us we didn’t have to wait for ours and we all have nice clean clothes and blankets! We are going to store stuff down there and also use it as a work out area. It’s heated which is also nice. The 2nd floor has the heated garage which leads into an entry way with a coat closet and a ½ bath.  This entry way is also where the front door is. You go up 3 steps and you are in the dining room/ kitchen area. It’s laminate flooring which is easy to clean.  The kitchen is a decent size and the dining room has a pretty big window . Walk forward a little and you are in the living room. Which has a huge closet. The living room leads to the back yard. We have a cute little porch and then a pretty small back yard. It is all fenced in though so that was a relief. Up stairs in the 2 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom. The  bed rooms are a decent size and our spare room has the best view in the house. Perfect view of mountains. It’s amazing. Most of the house is carpet which is nice. The dogs loved the steps yesterday. Running up and down them over and over. Today they are hurting and feeling all that exercise!  The outside of the house is out dated. Light brown vinyl siding with dark brown trim. Typical military style. But we have a house and that’s all that matters to me!
We did get a new TV which Justin is excited about. I am ready to get all of our things so I can get everything up and take pictures. I am also going to start looking for a job today. With everything being so expensive here Justin and I couldn’t do much of anything if I didn’t work. It has been nice to have a break but being a grown up means having responsibilities. I am looking forward to everyone coming to visit! I love this place and am glad to call it home for the next 4 years. I can’t wait to show it off to everyone!

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