Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 7

Finally!  A hotel with an internet connection I actually have the password to and that allows me to upload pictures! The past few days have been pretty crazy but I am happy to say we should be in Anchorage, AK by Friday. I am so happy for that. Let me share with you the past 3 days. .although some of it I do not want to relive.

Day 7 - March 14, 2011

Starting the day: We left Edmonton, AB at 7:28am. By the time we got on the road about 30 min later, the temp had dropped from 28 degrees when we left the hotel to 21 degrees. It was pretty cold and windy.

Major cities we went through: None! And to be honest I am going to remove this section from my blog from now on. We haven't been through a big city in days! We are lucky if the cities we go through have a hotel or a gas station at least! It's pretty rural up this way!

The dogs were: Good. They slept. If they don't start doing something interesting I am going to delete their section from my blog as well. . seriously. They do nothing. Lazy dogs.

Ending the day: We stopped in Fort Nelson, BC at 6:30pm. It was zero degrees. Which seems like it would be pretty bad. No. It gets worse. I will expand on that in the highlights. Although none of it was really a highlight of my day!

Total miles for the day: 660

Time spent behind the wheel: About even. I drove in the morning and Justin took over for the afternoon. Lucky for me because we started hitting areas with more snow and Justin is the better driver (although I will never tell him that!).

Highlights of the day: Let's get the bad stuff out of the way because there really were some cool moments. Let's just say WORST HOTEL EVER!! Want to know how bad it was? I cried. I know I cry at a lot of things and am sometimes over dramatic, or so I am told anyways! , but really. Even Justin thought this place was bad. The other 2 hotels that accepted dogs were booked so we ended up at The Fort Nelson Hotel. The lobby was nice and the overall hotel was nice. But we ended up on a side "motel" building. It was loud, paint was peeling off the walls. I didn't even want the dogs to have to sleep there. They had internet but weren't concerned when the password didn't work for me. I didn't touch much in that room and always wore shoes of some kind. Maybe one day I will look back and laugh but as of right now, it isn't funny at all! But on to the fun stuff. As a kid I would go to the IGA in my grandparents town and always remember what a small little store it was. Well I guess the Canadians like it too because we have seen a few of them since we have been here! There is snow everywhere and a lot of it. Makes everything look so pretty although I am sure the area is much prettier in the summer. We pulled out our new sweet boots that I won't be winning any fashion shows with anytime soon and our big winter coats. We ate lunch at an A&W. They don't put ice in their drinks which Justin thought was weird. But their reasoning is their fountains are set to the perfect temp for sodas and ice just waters down your drink. Justin seemed to disagree! We saw 3 wolves today which are gorgeous animals. And we also saw a few moose which were cool. But I guess since we saw more than one I should call them meese? Ask my grandma. She is a crazy old lady. haha

Here are a few pictures from this day!

Here we go!

It was coold!

Amazing view all day.


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