Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 8

On to day 8!

Staring the day: We finally got out of that nasty hotel at 7:25am. It had snowed about an inch the night before and it was 1 degree. Suuper cold.

The dogs: Since they are actually doing something I decided to keep this section around. Raven loves the snow. She loves to pounce around in it and try to climb the highest hill of snow. Siren is freezing. Poor girl. But she goes outside and does what she needs to do which is all I ask for.

Ending the day: We stopped a little earlier due to not wanting to drive anymore! ha We stopped in Watson Lake, YT at 3:30pm. It was 7 degrees when we stopped which was like a heat wave after the temps we had seen that day!

Total miles: 325.9

Time spent behind the wheel: Justin. And he will continue to drive until we make it to Alaska. =)

Highlights of the day: The coldest it go this day was -7 degrees. You read that right. .Negative 7! The high for the day? 3 degrees. On the Alaskan Highway you can go hours and not seen anyone! It's the craziest thing. And you can also go hundreds of miles without seeing a bathroom. We stopped once this day. Most of the campground and RV parks are closed. I mean, who in their normal mind wants to come up here and camp out when it's under 10 degrees all the time and tons of snow? But lucky for us there was one open today along our way so we were able to stop. They always have signs on the side of the road of moose and today we saw a buffalo sign. Think like the deer signs in the south. So of course we haven't seen much wildlife so when I saw the buffalo sign I about died laughing. No jokes here people. We saw buffalo. A lot of them. Everywhere. I will post pictures. But the best part was our hotel. It wasn't nice. I cried again. I really need to get it together. But the food from their restaurant was amazing! Probably the best road food we have had this whole time. I had homemade chicken pot pie and Justin had spaghetti. Both were delicious. I was really impressed. And the breakfast was great too. I was very happy with that! Here are some pictures.

Frozen. In person it is a gorgeous blue color.

They were everywhere!

Close up!

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