Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 9

Today was a pretty easy day. We got up and hit the road for a short trip to Whitehorse, YT. The roads were clear and we made good time today. Although the car is making me crazy, I keep telling myself we will be in Anchorage by the weekend..

Starting the day: We left Watson Lake, YT at 7:52 am. It was 3 degrees. By 8am it was -1. It snowed a little last night. About an inch or so. Nothing too crazy.

The dogs: Are ready to have their own house. Hotels make them crazy I think. Plus they bark at a lot of things which I am scared will get us kicked out. Let's hope they can make it to Alaska without getting us evicted!

Ending the day: We got to Whitehorse, YT at 1:47pm. It was 23 degrees which is like a heat wave for us! It was amazing. Still cold. Don't get me wrong. But better than the past few days.

Total miles: 278.3

Highlights of the day: We saw a lot of moose today. They were in the road a lot. We had to stop a few times for them to move so we could go by. The rest stops along the way are gross and Justin advised I not use them. He said it was just a hole in the ground that went down about 15 feet. Gross.  I will try to add pictures to this post soon!

On a side note, this experience along the Alaskan highway has been an experience. We have seen some amazing things and have enjoyed seeing all of the different sites of the road. But for me it has a little more meaning. Knowing that my grandpa drove this same road about 12 years ago gives it a whole new meaning for me. I am seeing things that he saw and probably commenting on some of the same things that he did. Although he saw it in the summer and I am seeing it in the winter, just knowing that he was on the same road I am on at any given point in the day makes this whole trip a little easier to handle.

We are staying in a small hotel tomorrow so not sure if we will have internet or not. But if everything goes as planned we will be in Anchorage on Friday. I am ready to just be home. And I guess home for me now is Alaska.

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